We all know that social media content shouldn’t be an endless stream of products shouting “Buy Me! Buy Me!”

But what do you post to Instagram when you are not feeling creative?

This list is sure to get you to think outside of the square and post something a little different that your fans can relate to!

Non-Product Post Ideas for Instagram

1. Your latest shipment of materials โ€“ Instagram fans love to feel like they are getting a sneak peak of an up and coming item or range, so post a picture of your latest delivery of supplies. This can be done every delivery if you like.

2. An image of yourself teaming your jewellery with a particular outfit โ€“ putting a face and personality to the brand is another things fans love, they like knowing you are a real person.

3. A colour palette or piece of art that inspired a creation โ€“ often creativity comes in many forms, when I am designing jewellery I am often inspired by art, or a vase in a particular colour pattern, nature. Share images of these things that help to create your end product.

4.The item you are partially finished โ€“ share images of you working on your products. At the work bench, partially finished.

Like Epheriell do –

5.Your work bench โ€“ let your fans see where their products are created, the tools, mess and all.

6. A tool you want but donโ€™t have โ€“ we all have a wish list of products, why not share your wish list with your fans include captions like โ€œI would like this to do โ€ฆโ€ it might just show you that your fans want that end product and you can justify the purchase.

7. A failed design โ€“ fans like to know that you make mistakes as well. Show them a piece that you are not happy with, didnโ€™t work or didnโ€™t like the end result. This could be an opportunity to get that ugly thing off your stock list.

8. Your own jewellery box โ€“ share what you like wearing, it doesnโ€™t have to be your own designs either, if you have items from another designer, tag them with the @ symbol. This doubles as a networking opportunity.

9. A selection of items before posting โ€“ share a picture of your postage bench before packing for post, showing customers that you are making sales and what they can expect is a great way to encourage more sales.


Model Molds #workbenchwednesday #cesarjewelers

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10. A technique or style you will be trying soon โ€“ if you have a design idea that you will be trying shortly, share an image with your fans. Again, fans love the idea of privileged information.

and one more just for good measure

11. If your customers send you images of them receiving your jewelry, ask permission to share those as well. Happy customers, breed more customers.ย  Include a note in your packing asking your customers to share their purchases on Instagram using your own branded hashtags!
I hope this give you some inspiration of how to not spam your wall with product posts, do you have any other non-product posts that perform really well for you? Share with me in the comments.

As always if you have any questions about anything business related, get in touch, I am happy to help.