Hello!  I wrote an ebook about 3 years ago, under a different name, just in case you were going to look at it! I took me around 2 days to write, it is just a quick non-fiction guide, and with no promotion that book still brings me $10-$20 in profit a month. I know that isn’t a lot but it does pay the netflix subscription so it must be worth right? Find out more about publishing online by watching the video below or reading the transcript.

Hi friends –

Great to see you!  I’m sorry I didn’t get in here yesterday like I promised I would – I came down with a bit of a flu which you can probably still hear in my voice.

Today I’m going to be talking about eBook publishing and publishing on Amazon; just a bit about my experiences with it, some ways that you can be building your email list really easily from your eBook, and then what you can do to monetize in between publishing your first eBook, to publishing later on, depending on if this is going to be your only income source, or a more passive income source.

First of all I’d like to thank Tracy for allowing me to go ‘live’ in here – I really appreciate it.  My name is Joy; I’m a business coach, online strategy specialist and founder of Sage Moment Business Coaching.   I’m not a spiritual entrepreneur, in that my entrepreneurship is not focused on a spirituality-based business, however personal life has a spiritual component and I’m an entrepreneur that helps business owners, so say “Hi” when you jump on.  “Hello to whoever is there”.

One of the reasons I really like Amazon and Kindle publishing is the two different ways you can make it work for you as an income source.  If you’re not a great writer you can write lots of short eBooks and build up your income that way so that each item you write is an asset – it sits there forever.  You don’t have to rewrite it, it’s constantly bringing you in money and you can do a lot, or a little, with promotion.  If you are a great writer and you write the next 300-page bestseller, you can make your income by promoting that book and not worrying so much about writing all the others.

There are a few things to be aware of within the Kindle publishing Amazon publishing platforms.

The first is that if you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, the content in your eBook can’t be available elsewhere.  Kindle Unlimited allows Amazon users that have paid for a Kindle Unlimited membership to borrow your eBook and then you get paid based on the number of pages that are read under that scheme as well as a percentage of their total membership fees; so each month you’ll get an email and it might say that they have $12,000,000 in the Kindle Unlimited pool and that is what’s going to be divided between Kindle authors.

If you don’t want to take part in the Kindle Unlimited platform, you can then put your book in multiple places but by being in Kindle Unlimited you’re telling Amazon that you are allowing them to have exclusive rights to publish your book – obviously you still own the copyright.

Another thing to be aware of is that you cannot put affiliate links in your eBook.

Amazon doesn’t allow you to earn an affiliate commission promoting the eBook, to then earn an affiliate commission promoting something else.  It just tries to keep it really clean and have a higher quality of book on their platform.  What you can do however, is link back to a post that you have written on your website that then links to the Amazon stuff.  I, personally, don’t use affiliate links within my eBooks very much.  I believe that if they have purchased your information they don’t need to give you any more money and it doesn’t matter to me if they’ve done it through the Kindle borrowing process or a purchasing process – they’ve paid for that information, so give it to them and behave with integrity.

One of the most obvious ways to build your email list from your Kindle eBook is through including an MP3 version.  A lot of people love listening to audiobooks but they need to be a bit higher quality and they cost you a little more to produce.  I believe that audible is not available for authors in other countries (at the time of recording) but you might want to check that out as things can change rapidly in the digital world.

Now, people love hearing the author of the book read it to them, so you can do an MP3 recording of your book.  You can break it into chapters so that each chapter works a bit like a song on an ipod and flicks over so they can listen to it section by section, or you can do it as one long recording.  I think the chapters work best.  If you want to build an email list off the publication of an eBook, this is where it gets a bit sneaky, but it’s allowed and perfectly within the rules, and it works!

Anyone using Kindle can preview the first 5 or 6 pages of any book to have a quick look inside.  So what you do is make sure the link to download the audible version of your book is in those few pages.  That way if someone’s just browsing they can sign up to your mailing list and download the audible version without purchasing your book.  You may ask why you would want them on your list without purchasing your book?  Why wouldn’t you?  Everyone loves mailing lists – they are the life blood of most businesses because you can direct that traffic and build a relationship with that traffic to anything you like.  One more thing about publishing on that platform, then I’ll get on to narrowing it down for spiritual entrepreneurs.

By the way, if you have any questions, just ask.  I love chatting about this stuff – I love helping people.

So once you’ve published on the Kindle platform you can then go across to the CreateSpace platform which is also owned by Amazon and they will help you publish a hard copy of your book.  You could then purchase 20 copies of your book in hard copy at a discounted price and ship them to – followers, friends, people that share the page, share the post, share your content, share your products, affiliates – the list is endless.  What a lot of coaches do is create a workbook with the CreateSpace platform and to save them having to purchase copies of it before they’ve sold the program they’ll sell direct from the CreateSpace account and ship directly to their customer.  It looks really professional when you can send your customer a professionally printed book in hardcover – that creates a huge connection.  Some people are getting a bit tired of technology, specifically in spiritual realms. It’s about getting back to Earth, grounding yourself, centering yourself and slowing down.  The books can be color or black and white, it’s all on the CreateSpace platform and it all links together so that when someone visits your book page on Amazon they will have the option to purchase the Kindle copy or the hard copy.

When it comes to spiritual entrepreneurs there’s not a lot of competition on Amazon, and by that I mean there are a few categories on Amazon where there are not a lot of authors putting out content and the ones that are, are doing a great job of it.  This leaves you open to being able to put out content on your specific topic of spirituality without having too much competition and that increases the chances of being on a bestseller list.  Being in the top 100 on Amazon is a pretty epic place to get yourself to and even being within the top 20 of your category will bring in sales without you even trying.  So anything in the metaphysical, astrological or spirituality field is relatively easy.  You have to put in a little bit of work but it’s not particularly hard to get yourself published and in the top lists there.  The other section that doesn’t have a lot of competition is the gay and lesbian erotica genre.  That’s another topic that’s very easy to become a best seller in – it has a very passionate following of readers as well.

Another thing I forgot to mention; when you’re registered within the Kindle Unlimited platform Amazon gives you the opportunity to promote your book for free.  So one of the things I’ve done when I’ve been launching books myself, is list and publish your book, give it a few days as a new book and don’t do any free promotions about it. Perhaps send it to your mailing list but don’t do too much promotion; just wait till it’s been fully approved and is uploaded on the Amazon site.  Then book the 5 days that your book can be free.   I try to book that about a month in advance because you can choose the dates yourself.  You might only choose two, and leave yourself three to use later on, or choose three and save two to use later on.  So book yourself however many days you are comfortable using and then utilise the dozens of websites that send out free eBooks to their email lists.  Register your book on all of those; that will take you at least two hours.  These people are promoting YOUR book to hundreds of thousands of people while it’s free.  That brings you through the best seller rankings, then as soon as your book goes back to its full price,  it is still in that best seller ranking because it’s not actually about money, it’s about copies sold.

I have published a couple of eBooks myself, one of which was very basic stuff.  It was something I did very early on in my entrepreneurial career, before I really even had an idea of the path I wanted to take.  I just had an idea and wrote a book.  It was 34 pages long and not even on a topic that I was willing to put my own name to so it is under a nom de plume which Amazon allows.

I did that about 3 years ago.  I do no publicity, I have no mailing list around it, I have no website around it, I have no social media platforms around it.  Once every 6 months or so when I remember I log in and promote it to the free sources I mentioned.  Every month that brings me in a solid $16-$24 in income.  Now while that is not a lot, it demonstrates the possibility of generating a passive income in this way  That’s why I love Kindle publishing.  It’s easy and it’s an asset that just sits there and constantly works for you without you working for it.

Now if you write a better quality book that you are willing to promote, just imagine where that can go.  It is a numbers game; it is a game of who’s willing to put in the most effort.  I wrote a 34-page guide – and that is 34 Kindle pages which probably equates to about 10 pages in Word – and it is listed for $0.99 so no one’s actually making a lot of money out of it per sale.  You can also use your own affiliate link to promote your books so if I decide that I want to promote that book, I can use my Amazon Associates affiliate link to do so.  That is within the guidelines.  I can earn the commission from promoting and I can earn the commission from it being MY book, and it moves up the ranks again.

So that’s just some of my thoughts today on Kindle publishing and why I love it.  There is a lot more I could go on with but I’m not really sure where you need my help so let me know in the comments what specific questions you have around eBook publishing.   I’d love to talk to you more about it.  Feel free to PM me or message me or anything like that and hopefully we will talk again soon.  Thank you for your time today.

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