We all collect too much stuff on the internet…

  • every friend request
  • follow for follow
  • like for like
  • group invites
  • buy swap and sell sites
  • and that make up group your friend started a couple of years ago.

It fills out life and creates so much chaos.

Today I am showing you how to clear that chaos to create more room in your digital world for the tasks and things you want.

Watch the video or read the post!

0:42 Facebook Friends List
1:34 Facebook Pages and Groups
3:01 Other Social Profiles
3:15 Email Accounts


Hi friends! Joy here, stopping on to do my live for this evening, before January’s over. I’ve been meaning to post this one for a couple of weeks now but I have managed to come on here and rant about everything else in the process.

So, tonight I’m talking about a digital declutter or a digital detox.  It’s something I like to do a couple of times a year and I find it really helps me focus back on what I’m supposed to be focusing on it doesn’t matter whether it’s business or personal I’ve been doing this for years, (once in January, once at the end of the financial year) where basically you want to clear out all the online crap that you’ve been building up and collecting along the way that you don’t actually want to participate in.

Facebook Friends List

So I start with my Facebook friends list! I head through and either un-follow or delete people who are no longer aligned with what I want to be doing. Obviously if it’s a family member dragging your spirits down because they’re always posting something negative or that’s just not fulfilling for you, you might not want to unfriend them but you can un-follow them and that allows you to still have them on their friends list have access to messenger so it still appears that you’re interacting as normal but basically you’re not seeing their posts.  So that’s one way of handling people that you don’t actually ant to delete.

If there’s someone you’ve just become friends with because you perhaps play games together or maybe you’re in the same groups online or, that sort of thing you can always just delete them so I go through that list first then I head through my pages that I find i un-follow any of those that are no longer aligned or of interest to me.

Facebook Pages

I’ve noticed a lot with Facebook pages they’ll be created under  one idea, built up because it’s a popular topic and then you’ll be receiving some celebrity gossip crap because that page has then been sold so I get rid of all of those pages that are not of interest to me and then I go to the groups as well and I think with groups you’ve got the option of un-following or  leaving the group so that you can “Hey Vicky” leaving the group or un-following it so that it doesn’t come up in the news feed all the time either. Now some of you may have heard if you’re in business or have a business page that Facebook’s algorithms changed again recently.  So that pages won’t be getting the organic reach that they used to be getting if you clear out like because what that means is as a page owner yes your page isn’t being seen by other people, as a consumer it means you’re not seeing things the pages you follow want you to see so, by clearing out how many messages you’re being hit with a day and unsubscribing and un-following and deleting and all of that you’re actually making room in your newsfeed for the  people you do stay interacting with or connected to.  So that’s just another way of sort of getting Facebook to work for you a little bit better.

Other Social Profiles

Once I’ve done all of my Facebook de-cluttering, I do it for all of my other social media profiles as well. I’m probably not as careful with the other platforms because I’m not as visible, I don’t care as much about them, they’re not really where I spend all of my time and then I start on my email address accounts.

Email Declutter/Inbox Zero

I have a specific email address I use when I opt into freebies or webinars or all of these things that we go in   sign up for because we want to know about, I use a specific email address and I think at the moment it’s got something stupid in there like 6000 emails, it’s just crazy! So my mission this year was to cut that back and it’s not going up as quickly as it was anymore, I have unsubscribed from a heap of things and I’ve really only kept people in there that I genuinely want to read. So I’ve got my favourite fashion stores reduced to two or three, you know the two or three that I might actually want to buy from!

I’ve got a few mentors in there, which I’ve said before I keep my mentor circle close really tight-knit  so that I’m not being bombarded with too many differing opinions. I kind of, I guess I choose to take my guidance from singular people, so at the moment I’ve got my own coach, I’ve got a health and  fitness coach I follow, I’ve got a social media guru that I look up to and then I’ve got a mentor that  just, I guess they just align with a lot of my fundamental beliefs about life and I really like watching their content, yes they’re in the media, but they say some really crazy stuff that most people wouldn’t be brave enough to say and I really do believe in the content they produce so yeah I challenge you to have a digital declutter clear out the crap so that you aren’t spending as much time getting to inbox zero  you’re not seeing stuff from people that you don’t want to see online instead  of seeing the content you do want to see and yeah that’s about it for tonight let me know if there’s some way that you think I need to declutter online that I’m not otherwise let me know whether you will be taking part in decluttering this year or whether you’re going to wait till the middle of the year have a Good night bye, bye!

So, there you have it, do you do a digital detox?  Do you schedule time to actually unsubscribe from things you don’t need in your inbox?

Let me know in the comments.